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Travel under Lockdown level 1 - what's changed?


Dear clients,

Finally, our country has reached Lockdown level 1 and things are slowly returning to a state of normality, not just in South Africa, but in many parts of the world.

The good news is that travel, and especially international travel is allowed again, albeit under strict health and safety protocols. We have compiled a detailed breakdown for you and your staff of what rules you have to follow in order to travel safely and be compliant.

Transport rules.jpg

All in all, we believe the above steps are good news for our tourism industry and more importantly for South African business as a whole. We are pleased that the rules are as comprehensive as they are because this shows that our government is treating this tricky stage of Lockdown with care and caution, all under the guidance of the WHO (World Health Organisation). This ultimately means that you will be able to travel safely, in the knowledge that both the ports of entry and airlines are ensuring your safety at all times.

We once again look forward to doing your bookings and providing you with all the travel expertise you need in order to get your business thriving again.

We would like to thank you for your support throughout this difficult time and wish you much success for the future.

As always, we will stay abreast of developments in order to keep you informed.

In the meantime, keep up your spirits, stay safe, wear those masks and wash your hands.


Your Senator Travel Solutions Team

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