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Teresa Christophers


Mobile: +27 (0)82 439-2976



Travel Rewards


Meet our professional team leader Teresa Christophers

Senator Travel Rewards will design and create a cost effective travel incentive programme to inspire and reward deserving employees or dealers who go the extra mile, while at the same time, achieving the company’s goals and financial commitments.




We have extensive travel knowledge and experience. Our clients benefit from our solid supplier relationships. We will create a memorable travel experience that will drive and reward employees to continue to perform effectively, by offering them the opportunity to grow through travel.


The company will benefit by improved staff morale, less absenteeism and closer team work, creating a positive and enjoyable working environment.  


In order to meet the company’s objectives, Senator Travel Rewards will tailor make an innovative, appealing and unforgettable programmes to suit our client's budget. 

2010 - present

How travel rewards can benefit EMPLOYERS


  • Improves the company’s goals and financial commitments

  • Facilitates communication and networking opportunities

  • Encourages corporate culture and social interaction

  • Monitor measurable results

  • Improves staff morale

  • Self-funding

  • Creates continued enthusiasm  continued enthusiasm 

2010 - present

How a travel reward can benefit EMPLOYEES


  • Motivates and drives employees to achieve

  • Acknowledges and rewards employees for going the extra mile

  • Stimulates growth and company loyalty

  • Creates respect, status and prestige

  • Encourages spouse/partner support if included in the incentive

  • Facilitates a ‘boast factor’ among friends and peers

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